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Cheryl Stevens is the founder and owner of Cheryl’s Southern Style Catering. She specializes in a fine catering company that provides delicious, premium food for the soul. She also offers her splendid products to be sold wholesale or retail. She offers her southern style dishes such as fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, collard green, candied yams and more. In addition to these delicious options Cheryl provides a warm, welcoming personality.



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308 E 11th St Wilmington, DE 19801


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“Cheryl made my year today by serving Fried Chicken at the Artisan Exchange. Incredible food! I’ve never had better collard greens. Cheryl and her family of helpers are a delight!” – Margaret Mace

“She has some good southern soul food. She is a really nice person.'” –  Stephanie Hunt

Oh My GRACIOUS!! I’ve never actually eaten Collard Greens but thought…”looks like Spinach” so gave it a try….AWESOME is what they were!! ” – Leimomi Garcia

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Visit me at the Artisan Exchange every Saturday 10am-2pm
where you can purchase and get an up close and personal
taste of my southern style soul food.
Located at208 Carter Drive Suite 13-B
                     West Chester, Pa 19382


Food for your Body and Soul.
Psalm 34:8
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